Rome ozone Environmental sanitation


A revolutionary method
Axel Scarl is leader in ozone sanification in Rome. Thanks to the oxidative power of this natural gas composed of trivalent oxygen (O3) we sanitize your rooms. Its formation takes place during thunderstorms in the form of electric discharges or by the action of ultraviolet sunlight. Ozone is indispensable for planet Earth protection from UV-B rays, which is harmful to human health, but its antioxidant and disinfectant properties are currently unknown.
We take advantage of this gas to sanitize the environments. Ozone extraordinary destroy all polluting or harmful elements for human health, such as bacteria, molds, viruses, insects, smokes and smells, chemicals, without causing any harm to our well-being.

A few minutes after its use, it is converted to oxygen by eliminating any smell, stains or chemical remains. In contact with organic substance, it occurs an oxidation reaction, killing any widespread pathogenic organism in nature and also eliminating bad odors.
Thanks to its chemical components that make it heavier than air, ozone penetrates into fabrics such as carpets, moquette, mattresses, sofas and armchairs, reaching the most internal parts, the most difficult points to deal with and destroying any microorganisms.
This method allows sanitization and sterilization of environments and tissues and ensures a unique result that even an accurate and meticulous wash would fail to guarantee. For more information contact us!

Sanificazione ambientale ozono Roma
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