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Our photovoltaic systems are designed and created by experienced technicians to save around 70% of the energy that families usually use during the year. The cost of the bills increases more and more, reaching unsustainable levels. If the customer wants, on the basis of their consumption and needs, to accompany the plant, which we have installed and designed, to the latest generation battery, saving will be 90% decisively affecting the cost of the whole family. This will result in savings on light and gas bills. We also invest solar thermal systems that generate hot water through the solar-powered thermodynamic system.
This method allows the delivery of hot water also during the night.

New technology makes it possible to significantly reduce installation costs. Additionally, state subsidies allow anyone to benefit from the installation, thanks to a reduction in light and gas consumption. Additionally, a battery-powered facility is even more convenient, because you can consume solar energy accumulated during the day. What are you waiting for? We offer you a free advice informing you in detail of all the benefits and installation costs to be supported on the basis of the type of plant you choose. Our technicians will study the best exposure to ensure greater productivity. Trust Axel Scarl, we guarantee you a long-term productivity and profitability thanks to the latest generation of tools.
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